About us


They say that “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, well it was certainly the case for us. The idea of Homzhub germinated from our own struggles of managing investment properties from overseas.

There are a lot of investors, like us, who while living abroad, want to invest in real estate across one or more investment grade cities around the world or in their native countries. We realized that we were struggling to manage investment properties remotely while meeting the demands of a full-time job.

To address our needs and lead a stress-less life, we started searching for a reliable service provider who could help us manage our real estate portfolio. What we instead found was an underwhelming experience of a sector largely plagued with unethical practices, con- flicts of interest and poor quality of service.

Homzhub came into existence in mid 2017, with a vision to build a global platform, enabling investors to seamlessly manage their real estate investment portfolio from any part of the world. With this vision, Homzhub embarked on its journey in the largely unchartered territory of property portfolio management in India and Singapore.

We aim to set global standards in the industry by providing authentic, thoroughly professional and truly transparent high-quality services to our clients.

In Homzhub, we have conceptualized a real estate technology platform, designed to use advanced technologies with data science algorithms, automated business workflows and easy to use man machine interfaces to enable investors to manage their investment properties from any part of the world, hassle free.

To complement our online platform, we offer comprehensive offline real estate services ranging from market research, tenant management to complete property management in Singapore and India, to assist our global clients with their real assets on the ground.